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Pleasure of architecture with Tarek Merlin


In this episode, my guest is Tarek Merlin, Director & Co-Founder of Feix&Merlin Architects, a creative design studio particular interests in the arts and public spaces as well as commercial office and infrastructure projects. Tarek graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture and originally worked at Foster & Partners before joining Alsop Architects. He played a key role on some of Alsop’s most high profile projects including Queen Mary University ‘Blizard Building’ and the ‘Palestra’ office building. Tarek went on to become a Senior Architect at Yoo, a high-end interior design studio co-founded by John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck. In this interview, Tarek explains creating spaces that enable collaborative environments, client sides of the projects and why he is optimistic about change. To learn more go to our conversation.

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