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Creativity and architecture of our time with Patrik Schumacher


This episode’s guest is Patrik Schumacher, principal of Zaha Hadid Architects. This interview was recorded in Zaha Hadid Architects Studio in London. Patrik is one of the most influential figures in architecture today, with his educational background in both philosophy and architecture. He lectures around the world, contributing articles to journals and publishes books on parametricism. Patrik Schumacher founded the leading-edge Design Research Laboratory at the Architectural Association in London, focuses on parametric design in architecture and urbanism. A true believer in innovation, Patrik is not someone who shies away from engaging in challenging conversations on some of the most crucial issues of our generation. His constant desire to push limits makes him an “outside-the-box” thinking within the profession. In this exclusive interview, we talk about his leadership in a world-famed firm carrying one of the biggest names in modern architecture, Zaha Hadid; the future of architecture and urbanism and why he is so passionate about creativity.

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