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Let’s Talk about Climate Action with Lauren Shevills and Joe Penn


We are in extraordinary times; a lot of us working remotely and meeting daily to keep in touch, and make sure our business is moving forward. As Anylabtalks we help to stay connected and meet new people talking about the things we are most passionate about. 

In this episode host Nurgul Yardim Mericliler talks with Lauren Shevills and Joe Penn from the Architects Climate Action Network. Enjoy our talk, stay safe and stay connected!

Lauren Shevills / Coordinator at Architects Climate Action Network, Architect at Mæ

She defines herself as creative individual, dabbling in mediums ranging from design to fabrication and lots of other things in between. She has personal interests for socio-political research and architectural activism which focus on delivering quality architecture for positive social and planetary change.

Joe Penn / Coordinator at Architects Climate Action Network, Architect at Rock Townsend

He studied Political Architecture and Critical Sustainability, previously working in architectural practice in Denmark and the UK. Joe’s passion lies in the creation of social and joyful architecture through a process of collaboration and craft.

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