Making physical world a better place with Jonathan Mizzi


This week Nurgul speak with Jonathan Mizzi, founder of Mizzi Studio, award-winning architecture and design practice. He is currently rolling out nine sculptural kiosks in London’s Royal Parks and a new Serpentine Café, with a fantastical sweeping brass canopy, Serpentine Bridge. In this interview,

Jonathan talks about his love for science fiction and high-tech architecture, through his experiences at Foster and Partners, Jason Bruges Studio, Cinimod Studio and Mizzi Studio.

Think you already know what Jonathan Mizzi is really excited about for future? Tune in to find out.

Pushing the boundaries in design with Aleksa Rizova


In our first episode special to women’s day as well, I speak with Aleksa Rizova, founder of the Aleksa Studio in London. We talk about Aleksa Studio’s bold and innovative designs and interaction of new media platforms and discuss the materials and fabrication through advanced techniques.

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